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Vinyl Siding Prairie Village KSWhile vinyl siding is a durable choice for your home’s exterior, eventually it will begin to wear and will need replaced. Old vinyl siding can actually cause your heating and cooling bills to rise, wasting valuable energy dollars that could be left in the bank. If it’s been a while since you’ve inspected your vinyl siding in Prairie Village, it’s time to give your home a once over to determine if it might time to replace.

As you take a look around your home at your vinyl siding, keep these signs in mind that can possibly indicate that it’s time to call a vinyl siding company such as Universal Windows Direct:

  • Outdated siding in Prairie Village might show signs of excessive fading. While faded color may not seem like a big deal, the truth is that your siding’s color can indicate that it may need replaced.
  • Faded colors also indicate that your current siding may be losing its waterproofing ability. This is mostly due to the fact that faded siding is generally old, which can lose its waterproofing resistance over time.
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper inside of your home may also indicate that your siding needs replaced. Moisture can seep into outdated siding and make its way into your walls, resulting in peeling paint, wallpaper, or even mold.
  • If your home's siding in Prairie Village is warping, this is a red flag that it’s definitely time for replacement. Take an object such as a screwdriver and check the under layer; if the tip of the screwdriver sinks through, your siding will need replaced immediately.

If the lifespan of your vinyl siding has run its course, Universal Windows Direct can give your home an upgrade with its UniShield® siding options. UniShield® is the perfect options for homeowners wanting to increase the efficiency of their home with the best value possible. Contact us for your in-home consultation at 913-422-9700.

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