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Vinyl Siding Leawood KSLeawood, Kansas has its fair share of beautiful homes with varying architectural styles. While nearly every home has its very own unique appeal, there are still aesthetic and energy efficient elements to consider when upgrading (or building) your Leawood home.

One of those considerations is your home’s siding. Vinyl siding in Leawood, Kansas is a popular option for homeowners for many reasons. Although there are other exterior options to consider, vinyl siding has its own set of advantages.

If you’re wondering if you should choose vinyl siding for your Leawood, Kansas home, here is some helpful information that can help you make a smart decision:

  • Choose vinyl siding if you are looking for a low maintenance siding option for your home. Vinyl siding is perfect for homeowners who don’t want to dedicate time to sanding, painting, or staining old wood siding. High quality vinyl siding will also not peel or warp.
  • Are you looking for an extensive selection of color options? With vinyl siding from Universal Windows Direct, you can take your pick from a great selection of vinyl siding to perfectly compliment your home. You can choose from many shades of earth tones from greens, blues, yellows, and creams.
  • Choose vinyl siding if you want to keep your home properly protected from varied weather, including forceful winds, hail, and ice. Universal Windows Direct’s siding includes advanced design with heavy-gauge plastic at 0.44”-0.46” thick. The extra thickness boosts the level of durability and makes the vinyl siding more structurally sound.
  • If you love the look of wood siding but don’t like the thought of maintenance, you’re in luck with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding can be designed to mimic the look and texture of real wood. Universal Windows Direct’s UniShield® premium siding is molded from real cedar, giving its appearance a natural look and feel.

From its durability to aesthetics, vinyl siding in Leawood Kansas is a smart choice for nearly every homeowner. Whether your home is a colonial, Cape Cod, or townhome, vinyl siding will compliment your curb appeal and boost its efficiency for years to come.

To find out more about vinyl siding in Leawood, contact Universal Windows Direct at 913-422-9700.

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