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Siding Installation Kansas City KS New siding installation in Kansas City, Kansas offers a variety of benefits for your home. It’s an investment that makes your home more valuable and beautiful, but it’s important to educate yourself on siding installation and the product before committing to a siding company. Universal Windows Direct is a reputable company for siding installation in Kansas City, and we believe in offering the very best quality product at an affordable price.

Before you jump at the first quote offered to you, take a look at this brief guide to siding installation in Kansas City.

  • Just like any other home exterior product, the quality of your siding is only as good as the siding installation. When siding is not properly installed, its performance will suffer. The siding’s lifespan will also be shorter, which will require another replacement sooner than later.
  • When you’re preparing for siding installation, the materials of your siding should be a top consideration. The best value is UniShield® vinyl siding from Universal Windows Direct. This siding is engineered with heavy gauge vinyl, which reinforces structural integrity. It’s resistant to UV-rays and won’t fade in color throughout the years, keeping your home more beautiful and efficient than ever before.
  • Along with the quality vinyl materials, Universal Windows Direct also offers extra protection against high force winds. It’s no secret that Kansas City can experience its fair share of windstorms, and it pays to be prepared. Your siding installation will include a rolled-edge nail hem for maximum wind resistance, which can withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds.
  • For a seamless look with your siding installation in Kansas City, consider UniShield® siding in XL or XXL length. This option creates straight and smooth lines that instantly boosts curb appeal.
  • You’ll want to select a company that specializes in siding installation in Kansas City to help you with your project. DIY siding installation is generally not recommended, as it requires a lot of attention to detail and best industry techniques to get the job done right.

When you’re ready for siding installation in Kansas City, get in touch with Universal Windows Direct for your free estimate at 913-422-9700.

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