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Roof Restoration Kansas City KS The Conklin MR (Metal Roof) System provides homeowners with a great alternative to buying a full new roof that may be out of their desired price range. The MR system has been engineered to provide as a complete solution for waterproofing your metal roof. The MR System will not only increase the lifespan of your current roof, but also increase the energy efficiency of your home. The final application process includes a highly reflective coating that keeps additional heat from sunlight out of your home.

Conklin MR System Compatible Products Include:

  • Benchmark®
  • Equinox®
  • Metal Ready Universal®
  • PUMA® XL
  • Rapid Roof® HV
  • Rapid Roof® III
  • Rust Off®
  • Spunflex

Advantages Provided by the Conklin MR System

  • Revolutionary waterproofing that prevents leaks.
  • Superior protection against extreme weather including wind and hail.
  • Greatly reduced energy bills and better energy efficiency due to reflective white coating.
  • Increased lifetime provided for the existing roof.

In addition to Conklin roof coatings we offer the full line of Conklin roofing products including caulks, sealers, primers, and more. For more info click here.

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