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Replacement Windows Prairie Village KSYou already know that replacement windows are beautiful, but many are unaware of how many aesthetic options there are to choose from. Most people picture replacement windows as either bright white vinyl or oak wood grain, but the truth is that there is a whole world to explore in terms of colors, grids, and more.

Universal Windows Direct’s vast selection of aesthetic options for replacement windows will leave homeowners swooning. Regardless of what aesthetic options you choose, your home in Prairie Village will truly shine with your new replacement windows.

Here is an overview of aesthetic options for your new replacement windows in Prairie Village:

Color and Paint Options

Color and paint options for your replacement windows are perfect for adding some pop. From vinyl to exterior paint, Universal Windows Direct has you covered with your favorite color options.

  • Homeowners will be able to choose from numerous vinyl colors for their replacement windows. The colors that are most popular for vinyl are brown, tan, and white.
  • Beyond the standard vinyl colors, there are also several popular interior wood grain colors to choose from including light oak, dark oak, and cherry
  • Exterior paint colors from Universal Windows Direct gives homeowners even more options. Instead of opting for white, you can choose colors such as brick red, green, gray, clay, and even bronze. Your local Universal Windows Direct can give you a full overview of exterior paint colors at your free in-home consultation

Decorative Glass and Grid Options

Decorative glass and grids give replacement windows a facelift that will make heads turn. When you want to take your new windows to another level, consider the following grid options:

  • Colonial Flat
  • Colonial Contour
  • Antique Brass
  • Colonial Slimline Brass
  • Contour Prairie Style
  • Double Prairie Style
  • Diamond Flat

Etched Glass

If you’re looking for glass design that’s a bit more permanent than grids, you can opt for your choice of beautiful etched glass options from Universal Windows Direct, including:

  • Diamond View
  • Colonial View
  • Prairie View
  • Double Prairie View
  • Elongated Floral View
  • Floral View
  • Obscure
  • Rain Glass

Find the Right Style for Your Replacement Windows from Universal Windows Direct

Keep in mind that prices may vary with aesthetic options for your new replacement windows. However, Universal Windows Direct is dedicated to offering homeowners beautiful windows at affordable prices. To learn more about our aesthetic options, contact Universal Windows Direct today at 913-422-9700.

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