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DIY home improvement projects can be a fantastic way to cut out the middle man and get customized results at a fraction of the cost. Weekend warriors love the feeling of making something with their own two hands—for some it's a relaxing process and even a great way to bond with a friend or family member. 

You can spring for the high end materials since you are saving so much on installation, and DIY can bring your dream results into your real life price range. But as great as this sounds, DIY projects don't always work out so beautifully. Before you dive head first into a major renovation keep these tips in mind to ensure your expectations meet reality:

1. Know Your Limitations

Keeping your aspirations realistic is vital. They may have made it look easy on your favorite DIY show, but that does not mean it will be so simple for you and your best friend. Just because you installed gutter guards last spring does not mean you can build your own addition this year. Be realistic in your expectations and your abilities before you take a sledge hammer to your dining room wall.

2. Expect the Unexpected

So you’re reasonably confident that you can remodel your bathroom in the next two weeks before your family from out of town comes to stay. Don't do it. Give yourself extra time—a lot of extra time. And some extra money set aside as well. The pipe may break. The custom vanity may be on backorder. You might have to work late a few nights. Don't ever assume that your projects will go smoothly and on time.

3. Know the Risks

You've evaluated your skill set. You've given yourself plenty of time for surprises and you are certain that you can install those highly rated energy efficient windows that you painstakingly selected. You’re good to go, right?

Be forewarned that those fantastic energy ratings are based on the assumption that they are professionally installed. Even the slightest mistake can drastically lower their efficiency.

Did you also know that self-installation can void the warranty and leave you with expensive drafty windows and no recourse? The risks associated with painting your own hallway are minimal, but for many larger projects it's important to know what is best left to skilled qualified professionals. Even with the best of intentions, finding out too late that a job was a little over your head can turn into a costly and even dangerous problem. 

By hiring a professional for these big tasks, you will know the job will be completed expertly and that you will be covered should any problems arise in years to come.

When you’re not ready to tackle those big exterior projects on your own, contact Universal Windows Direct for expert assistance.


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