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We’re in the swing of summer here in Kansas City, and mowing your lawn has become a weekly endeavor at the least. Unless you’ve hired a lawn service to tend to your yard work (lucky you), keeping your lawn looking nice all summer long can be a chore. However, we’re here to help with some easy summer lawn care tips to make your summer yardwork a little easier.

1. Leave Your Grass a Little Longer

If you think that mowing down your grass to the shortest height possible is the best approach, think again. The next time you mow your grass, leave the blade setting a little higher than normal. Taller grass leads to deeper roots and prevents weed seeds from spreading—which ultimately means less weeding for you during hot summer days.

2. Don’t Park on the Grass

Even though parking on your lawn might be an easy and convenient option, it can lead to problems that cause more work for you in the long run. The car’s tires can lead to soil compaction and dead grass. It’s especially important to avoid parking on the grass during droughts or excess heat, which can lead to crown turfs.

3. Clean up After Your Best Friend

Well, your furry best friend with four legs. Fido can cause dead spots on your lawn due to urination. A good solution for this is to train your dog to take a bathroom break in a pebbled or mulched area. You’ll also want to clean up waste and dispose of it.

4. Sharpen the Mower Blades

If you haven’t sharpened your mower blades in a while, this might help you get your job done faster. Signs that the blade needs sharpened include unevenness on your lawn, jagged-looking grass blades after mowing, and making multiple passes on the same spot of grass.

The general rule is that a sharp blade lasts 10 hours of mowing, but your mileage may vary.

5. Replace the Mower Blades

If the sharpening technique doesn’t cut it, your blade may need replaced. Look for large chips and dents in the blade that can’t be smoothed out by sharpening. Remember that over time, dirt and yard debris can erode the blade and cause it to wear out. Some blades are so worn out that they become paper thin. If you notice this, be sure to replace the blade immediately to avoid breakage—which can result in pieces of metal flying off the blade.

As you can see, taking care of your lawn this summer doesn’t need to be an uphill battle. If all else fails, hire a lawn care company to get the job done for you—all while you relax in your lawn chair and sip on some sweet summertime lemonade. 

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