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If you’re searching for different varieties and styles of replacement windows for your Kansas City home, slider windows will eventually cross your path. Slider windows are a streamlined and contemporary window that brings a lot of benefits to your home. Here’s your chance to learn all about the sliding window, including how you will know that this is the best fit for your home:

What is a Slider Window?

A slider window is a contemporary-style window that opens on a horizontal track. The sash moves along the track to open wider than any other window on the market, with the closest comparison to ventilation being a casement window. These windows also lift out for easy cleaning, and they are typically available in two or three lite sliding combinations.

Now that you know what a sliding window looks like and how it performs, these are some of the determining factors for choosing this type of window:

Enhanced Ventilation:

If you love a fresh breeze, there is simply no better choice than a sliding window. This window is exceptionally easy to open and perfect for bringing in the fresh scents of summer. Not to mention, opening your windows during nice weather can help you cut down on air conditioning bills, enjoy the sunlight, and keep air flowing through your home.

Energy Efficiency:

Sliding windows are engineered to save you money on utility bills, just like many other window styles on the market. The key is to pick an energy efficient glass package, including argon gas and low-e glazing. If you’re unsure on what qualities to look for with an energy efficient slider window, make sure it contains a certification from Energy Star.

Flexible Aesthetic Options:

Slider windows are fully customizable in terms of framing and decorative glass. Choose a vinyl frame color that coordinates with your curb appeal, or you can even design a slider window to contrast against your current exterior.

Expand Your Views of the Outdoors:

If you’re looking to maximize your view, a slider window is essentially the best pick next to a picture window. It offers unobstructed views of the outdoors, filters more light into your home, and frames your view like a unique work of art.

Contemporary Style:

Lastly, a sliding window makes any home look more polished and streamlined. If you’re living in a contemporary style home or simply want to make your home look more modern, try a slider window on for size—we bet you’ll love it.

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