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When the temperatures are too hot to handle, many homeowners turn to any technique they can to stay cool. Whether your go-to option is to head out to the swimming pool, or avoid the outdoors at all costs, you might be wondering how you make your home become a cool safe haven from the sun.

Here are a few ways that you can keep your home cool this summer (while saving money on your energy bills):

1. Change Your HVAC Filter

If you relied on your furnace to keep your home warm over the winter, you’ll be using the same HVAC system to keep your home nice and cool. However, if you have yet to change your filter, now is the perfect time to make the change.

According to Bob Villa, filters are most effective when they’re clean. Angie’s List also suggests that you should change your filter once per month. This will ensure that air is properly being filtered through your system, keeping your HVAC as efficient as possible.

2. Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

The next step is to turn your attention to your ceiling fan. During the winter, homeowners should keep their fans running in a clockwise direction. This draws warm air up from the floor and distributes it throughout the room.

In the summer months, the opposite is true. You’ll change the direction of your ceiling fan to run counter clockwise, which helps achieve the wind chill effect that keeps you cool.

3. Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed

This is a cost effective technique that can make a difference with your comfort level. When the sun is beating down through your windows, make sure that you close the curtains or blinds. This will help block out the sun’s rays.

According to, highly reflective interior blinds can help reduce solar heat gain by 45%.


4. Prevent Energy from Escaping

Now that you know a few techniques on how to keep your home cool, you don’t want to allow the cool air to make its way right out the door (or window). If your energy bills continue to climb, there is a chance that energy is escaping.

One quick way to help keep cool air in your home is to replace the weather stripping around your windows and doors. You can find self-adhesive weather stripping at most home improvement stores.

If your windows are old and you’re noticing additional issues such as fogging between the glass panes, you may be better off with replacing. New window replacement can help you save several hundred dollars per year, especially if you upgrade from single pane to triple pane windows.

Looking for more ways to stay cool this summer? Contact us to learn more about our exterior products and follow our blog for more tips. 

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