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It’s no secret that Kansas City can get quite hot during the summer. With an average high temperature of 85 degrees in June, most homeowners turn to their air conditioner to keep cool. According to, air conditioners cost homeowners $29 billion per year. If you’re using a window AC unit this season, here is how to maintain it so you can keep your home as cool as possible:

Wash the Filter

Just like the HVAC system in your basement, a window air conditioning unit operates best with a clean filter. You can easily clean it by soaking it in warm, soapy water. Keeping your filter clean ensures that air will properly circulate. It also helps keep your energy bills lower, even if you run your AC unit throughout the day and night.

Plan to wash your AC filter on a monthly basis for best results.

Increase Efficiency by Straightening Bent Fins

Your window air conditioning unit has two sets of coils. These coils help transfer heat from the inside of your home and push it outdoors, and they are protected by aluminum fins that maximize the coils’ performance. If these fins are bent, it can make your air conditioning unit work harder than necessary—which increases your energy bills in the meantime.

Bent fins are a common culprit for making your air conditioning run in overdrive, especially the fins that are located in the back of the unit. If you take the unit apart and discover the fins are bent, you can straighten them with a tool called a fin comb. Be sure to select a fin comb with teeth that will fit the fins of your air conditioner.

If you need a faster way to straighten out bent fins, an old credit card should do the trick.

Wash the Fans and Pan

Just like the filter, keeping the fans and pan of your window AC unit clean helps increase efficiency. There are two fans located in window AC unit—the blower near the evaporator as well as a fan near the condenser. These fans easily accumulate dirt and should be washed monthly with water and a few drops of Dawn dish soap. Consider using a soft bristle brush to scrub any excess dirt from the blades and wash it down with a hose.

The last step is to drain out any dirty water that you find in the drain pan. If you discover that the pan is clogged with debris, be sure to clean this out so water can properly drain away from the unit.

To learn more about how to maintain your home this summer and increase its efficiency, be sure to follow our weekly blog for top tips and techniques.





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