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The month of May is a time for spring flowers in bloom. Window flower boxes open a world of opportunities in terms of making your curb appeal look more exciting and attractive.

However, if you don’t especially have a green thumb or you’re looking for new ideas, it can be tough to come up with flower arrangement ideas for your window box.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you’re in luck. We have some great plants and flowers you can plant in your window box this spring—and they’re bound to instantly perk up your curb appeal.

1. Make Your Dormer Window Look Extra Special with Textured Plants

Window boxes have a quaint appeal, making them a perfect addition to your dormer window. Adding an interesting mixture of plants and flowers brings texture to your window box as well as interesting colors. Some great flowers to add to your dormer window this spring includes:

● Sedge

● Kale

● Tuscany violet with eye

● Cora bells

2. Pick Bold Coleus Plants for an Unexpected Touch

Nearly any window style can benefit from bold colored plants and flowers. Coleus is a wonderful plant species that shows off some of the bright and bold colors of nature. Some coleus has a fiery-red or orange hue, while others play it cool with various shades of green.

In addition to coleus, consider adding bear grass for extra height and texture. 

3. Add Wow-Factor with Petunias 

While there are 35 specifies of petunias, these ruffled flowers add a traditional touch to the home. You’ll often find these flowers cascading from hanging baskets, but they also happen to make excellent additions to any window box.

To complement your petunias, consider adding other foliage such as coleus, sweet potato vine, and angel face white.

4. Choose White Flowers for Added Elegance

If you want to make your home look more elegant this spring, consider planting different variations of flowers that are all in white. White geraniums add a beautiful touch as well as glacier ivy. You can also consider planting a box of white roses.

5. Don’t Forget Your Deck

While window boxes look stunning on window sills, you can also use these decorative items to make your deck look unforgettable this spring and summer. Attaching a window box to your deck gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your green thumb and add some color to your outside space.

Some of the best plants to use for improving the appearance of your deck includes:

● Mums

● Petunias

● Geraniums

● Pansies

● Lobelias

● And more

Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration to show off your personality with window boxes. For more spring tips on making your home look more beautiful, make sure you continue to follow our weekly blog.


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