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There’s no denying the beauty of replacement windows, and quality entry doors. When you choose exterior products that are engineered with top-notch craftsmanship, it feels like there is no other way to take their appearance up a notch—or is there?

Transom windows are one of the best aesthetic upgrades that you can add to your home. They complement a range of home styles, window styles, and they can even help increase ventilation.

Here are a few things you should know if you’re considering adding transom windows to your Kansas City home:

What is a Transom Window?

Transom windows are typically found installed on top of large windows and entry doors. These windows are ornate in nature and designed to complement the architecture of replacement windows and doors.

Transom windows are also unique in the sense that they come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. You can easily pair these windows with a variety of replacement window options, such as double hung, picture windows, casement windows, and more.

Varieties of Transom Windows

Choosing a transom window almost always translates to a boost in curb appeal. They are designed to match a variety of styles and architectures. One of the first home styles to feature these windows is the Georgian style, which heightened in popularity between 1700-1800.

Transom windows are found in nearly every style of home today. The most basic variety of this window is a horizontal rectangle that extends over the length of the window below it. A lot of times the transom window is fixed, but homeowners can always opt for an operable window to increase airflow. 

Aside from rectangular transom windows, you’ll also find that half-circle and elliptical styles are also popular.

Decorative Upgrades for Transoms

The best part about choosing a transom window is adding custom decorative features. This truly helps your new window standout and add extra visual interest to your home. Consider adding etched glass, grids, or decorative patterns to take your transom window to the next level.

Why Should You Choose Transom Windows?

There are many reasons why a Kansas City homeowner would choose this window for their home, including:

Boost in curb appeal: This is the primary reason why homeowners install transom windows. They enhance the architectural details of your home, especially when you add custom aesthetic options that were mentioned above.

Increase natural light: Who doesn’t want a brighter and happier home? Transom windows are a fantastic option if you want to filter more sunlight into your home.

Extra air circulation: Operable transom windows can push extra fresh air through your home.

Whether you want to add this window to an entry door or another window in your home, contact Universal Windows Direct to learn more about the benefits and details of transom windows. 


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