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Your roof is a major component of your home’s exterior. Just like any other element of your home, your roof requires maintenance from time to time. A high-quality roof can last up to 25 years (and sometimes longer), but occasional maintenance is required to keep it in tip-top shape throughout the course of its lifetime.

From the top of your roof to your gutter system, here is how you can maintain your asphalt roof and get the most out of your investment:

Keep Your Roof Free of Debris

You wouldn’t allow your yard to clutter with an excessive amount of tree branches, sticks, and leaves, would you? If not, you should have the same thought process with your roof. Keeping your roof top free of debris is an important element of roof maintenance. Even though this can be a hassle, removing this debris is key to preventing asphalt shingles from deteriorating.

Some of the most common spots where you’ll find debris on the roof includes your chimney, piping, and HVAC unit. You might even find that debris will collect down at the base of the roof by your gutter system. 

Cleaning your roof of debris at least 3 times per year is ideal.

Look Around for Moss and Algae

As years pass by and moisture and accumulates on your roof, moss and algae can grow quite quickly. While they might seem harmless, both moss and algae can cause your asphalt shingles to deteriorate—just like other various types of debris.

If you find moss or algae growing on your roof, the best way to remove is with a 50/50 solution of laundry strength liquid chlorine bleach and water. You’ll apply it to your roof with a spray bottle and allow it to sit on the surface for 15 to 20 minutes. After the solution sets into the mold or algae, you’ll wash it away with low pressure water.

Trim Back Tree Branches

Although we already mentioned removing tree branches from your roof, don’t forget about the branches that are still attached to your tree. These branches can spell trouble if a strong wind blows by, or they simply die and find their final resting place on top of your roof.

Try to keep the longest branches at least 5-to-7 feet away from your roof if possible.

Keep Your Gutters Clear

Your gutters can majorly impact the lifespan of your roof. If your gutters are clogged, they can become so weighed down with debris and standing water that they begin to pull away from your roof. This is especially the case during the winter, since ice dams can form due to clogged gutters—and ice dams are quite heavy.

These tips can help keep your roof intact and protect your home from the elements year after year. If you have questions about the condition of your roof, reach out to Universal Windows Direct for more information.


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