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The exterior of your siding is a major aesthetic and protective component of your home. From transforming your curb appeal to protecting your home against the elements, siding plays a major role in the way that your home functions throughout the seasons.

When Kansas City homeowners think of exterior siding, they typically think about vinyl siding panels. These panels are installed outside of your home and seamlessly connect with one another to form a shield against the elements.

However, there is another component to vinyl siding that often remains forgotten: vinyl soffit. Below you’ll learn all about vinyl soffit and why you should consider it for your Kansas City home:

What is Vinyl Soffit?

The word soffit is a French term that means “something fixed underneath.” You can typically find it around the outside of a building, specifically under porches, eaves, columns, and roofs. It typically will cover any aspect of a home or building with an exposed ceiling or beams. Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for soffit, although you can also find it in aluminum and fiber cement.

Soffit is both functional and aesthetic in nature. Exposed beams on the outside of a home isn’t the best look for any curb appeal, but soffit offers a solution. Not to mention, blowing rain can cause a lot of problems for your roof and attic—but once again vinyl soffit comes to the rescue.

The Importance of Soffit During Spring Weather

Your spring season wouldn’t be very fun (or cheap) if it wasn’t for vinyl soffit. When the wind blows and spring rain comes pouring down, it can easily make its way into your attic space if you don't have soffit installed around the eaves.

This exposes your attic to a host of problems, including mold and mildew growth and even rotting wood beams.

Even though soffit blocks out excess moisture from entering your home, it's also highly effective at helping your home breathe. When your soffit is vented, air flows through the vents to provide circulation to your home and attic space. Sufficient air flow is critically important for your attic space, and without it you can experience moisture problems during the summer and high energy bills in the winter.

The truth is that Kansas City homeowners need vinyl soffit all year long. Just like vinyl siding, vinyl soffit also offers numerous advantages such as being affordable, insulating, and it’s available in a variety of colors and textures.

Don’t skip out on soffit this year. Contact Universal Windows Direct to learn more about the importance of soffit and how it can benefit for your home. 


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