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As a homeowner in Kansas City, you might know that it’s time to replace your windows—but you’re not quite ready to bite the bullet. The truth is that homeowners all over Kansas City have reservations about new window installation, and rightfully so. After all, it is a significant investment where homeowners can spend thousands of dollars to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable.

You already know the benefits of new replacement windows, such as increasing your home’s value and making it look more beautiful. However, these are a few of the most common concerns of homeowners and how to overcome them:

1. I Can’t Afford New Windows

This is often the number one concern with homeowners throughout Kansas City. The reality is that windows are available in a variety of prices today, but the unfortunate part is that sometimes that price tag is too good to be true.

It’s advised to steer clear of bottom dollar replacement windows—even if you think you can’t afford otherwise. This is because cheap windows are often poor quality, where you'll find yourself buying new windows all over again in just a few short years.

Not to mention, these low price tags are often a bait-and-switch tactic to get you to inquire about a free consultation. You’ll quickly learn that the windows cost more than the advertised price, leaving you with a lot less money in your wallet.

If you truly have no way to pay for your new windows, some replacement window companies offer zero or low interest financing. This can help you get the upgrade that you need on terms that you can more reasonably afford.

2. I’ll Lose Energy During Installation

If you are replacing windows during the summer or winter months, you might be concerned about energy loss during installation. While it’s true that some energy will make its way out of your home, rest assured that professional window installers are trained to work quickly and efficiently. There are also ways to reduce energy loss even further, such as only replacing one window at a time.

3. My Windows Require a lot of Upkeep

This is mostly true if you decide to invest in wood windows. Wood windows are a traditional choice, but they are also pricey and require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t tend to wood window frames on a regular basis, you’ll run into a lot of issues such as mold and even rot.

The best way around this issue is to choose a high quality vinyl for your new windows. Vinyl windows require virtually no maintenance at all and only need cleaned about once or twice a year. Best of all, atmospheric dirt will easily wipe away with a water and vinegar solution.

If you have concerns about new window installation, Universal Windows Direct can help. Contact us today with questions or for a quote.


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