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Many homeowners dream of a big, bright bathroom with a lot of natural light. Not only does this environment feel like a getaway retreat, it can also boost your mood and make you love your home (and bathroom) that much more.

While windows in your bathroom are a wonderful addition, they may pose a slight problem with privacy. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to forego natural light and block out your windows with a thick piece of plywood. There are numerous options that allow you to maintain privacy with your windows while getting your sunlight, too.

Natural Fiber Shades:

While traditional curtains might feel too heavy for a bathroom, consider using shades in various fabrics and materials. Natural fiber shades allow sunlight to pass through while simultaneously blocking out prying eyes. These window coverings blend in great with contemporary bathrooms and create a soothing atmosphere.

Add a Layer of Film:

Window films are a popular way to add both pizzazz and privacy to bathroom windows. Window films are available in a variety of textures, patterns, styles, and sizes. They add unique interest to your windows while making it nearly impossible for prying eyes to peep inside.

Traditional frosted window films work well in this scenario. Best of all, window films are an inexpensive way to add privacy and obscure the view of the outdoors. You can find all kinds of window films online and at your local home improvement store.

Textured Glass:

If you’d like a more permanent privacy solution than window films, turn your attention to textured glass. Textured glass will remain on your windows for its entire lifetime, and you’ll essentially never need to think about privacy problems in your bathroom again.

This is a modern option for homeowners who want to enhance the beauty of their bathroom without compromising on privacy. There are numerous textures to choose from for your bathroom windows, including rain glass and obscure glass.

Another great point about textured glass is that your window remains fully operational. You can add textured glass to a double hung window and still be able to open the window and tilt it in for easy cleaning.

Glass Block:

When you want extensive privacy, glass block might be the best option for you. Glass block windows are considerably thick and add a substantial amount of privacy to any bathroom.

The downside about glass block windows is that they are fixed. This means that while they excel in terms of privacy, you are unable to open them for a fresh breeze or extra ventilation inside your bathroom.

If you need help on making your bathroom feel both beautiful and private, contact Universal Windows Direct to explore your options today.

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